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Ryan said that their cheery expressions were because they were celebrating all of their accomplishments, but King cut in to point out that the photograph was rather homogenous. Ryan's approval among Republican voters now hovers around 7 in 10, and his overall approval rating is below that of House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi in some polls.

According to the report, a battle may already be brewing between the mainstream Republicans and the hard-right Freedom Caucus which has been a thorn in Ryan's side.

Swan and Allen said a senior GOP House member predicted, "He will be gone by the end of July". "Enough donors from the old Romney-Ryan world will write checks to Ryan to save the majority".

Scalise, who took a leave of absence from Washington after being critically wounded in last summer's horrific softball practice shooting in Washington, now serves as House Majority Whip, the caucus' number-three position.

"It injects some more uncertainty to be sure", said the No. 2 Senate Republican, John Cornyn of Texas. "I feel very excluded". Ryan was the party's most prodigious fundraiser; as a lame duck, his ability to attract donations will be significantly diminished. "We need more minorities, more women in our party".

"Donors who are committed to making sure Republicans hold onto the majority will do whatever they have to do to make that happen", he said.

Conservatives may actually desire that the speakership vote to be held following the elections, even to give associates that are new, " a vote, perhaps not outgoing ones.

Milos Forman, from orphan of Nazi camps to Oscar-winning director
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest , the 1975 film starring Jack Nicholson , and Amadeus both triumphed at the Oscars. This left Forman to be raised by foster parents who sent him to film school in Prague.

The speaker had been heading toward this decision since late a year ago, said a person familiar with his thinking, but as recently as February he had considered running for another term.

Meanwhile, as WND reported, while recent rumors on Capitol Hill suggest Ryan has been seriously considering an earlier resignation from his post, the top Democrat seeking his seat is raking in the dough.

Democrat Randy Bryce, an ironworker who has cultivated the "IronStache" moniker, had been Ryan's best-known challenger, drawing liberal support from around the country.

Rep. Charlie Dent, a moderate Republican from Pennsylvania who is also retiring, noted the difficulty of Ryan's position.

There was speculation Ryan could mull a run for a higher office in the future after his children are grown, but in interviews he dismissed the idea. "Just this past term so much has been accomplished by Speaker Ryan and President Trump".

"I'm speculating from at least as far away as you are, and my speculation is this: The White House and Paul Ryan would probably not be a great fit", Amodei said, later adding, "I would be very surprised if there were open arms at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue for 'come on into the administration, Mr. Cheese Guy'".