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It will be supporting dual SIM dual standby and might offer same connectivity options as on the flagship Galaxy S9 smartphones. Given the fact that Samsung is marketing these handsets for their imaging abilities, as much as declaring a "camera reimagined" hype, it's worth looking at some low-light shots the Galaxy S9's camera can produce. Phone makers have been getting better at reporting the "user-available" memory, though, so this part of the lawsuit was dropped, but the benchmark cheating stays, and is now awaiting the input of a USA magistrate judge as soon as next week. Hardware-wise Samsung has made advancements across the board: you get water resistance, USB-C charging, dual speakers and a notably improved display (albeit at the same resolution) on the Galaxy S9.

There is no certain answer to this but if you ask us, we would say that the title still belongs to Samsung.

Then there's battery life.

Samsung has made the Galaxy J2 pro officially official, a smartphone that can't connect to the internet. Despite being the best displays that produce deep blacks and rich colors on its AMOLED panels, the Galaxy S9 is reportedly facing several conflicting.

It might still be a few months away from a formal launch, though Galaxy Note 9 rumors have already started hitting headlines.

VERIFY: Did Zuckerberg say we will all soon be paying for Facebook?
It's no coincidence that Parakilas has been speaking out about the issue since the matter of user data on Facebook came to light. Zuckerberg responded saying: "Congressman, that is an accurate description of the prank website I made when I was a sophomore".

A massive mark of progress three years on is in photography.

However, the long-anticipated under-display fingerprint sensor is something still rumoured. But until then, the helpful folks over at the XDA forums have suggested an app called Screen Balance (letting you adjust the Contrast setting of the display) that can solve the problem until a fix from Samsung arrives.

Nearly all smartphones follow the same identity their siblings carry like my S6 resembles the Galaxy S9.

Galaxy S9 with a flat display for China?

While there again is some confusion if the said biometric feature will indeed be a reality on a Samsung device this time, the inclusion of the same might again negate claims of a bigger battery. A lot os expected from major manufacturer's like Samsung.