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"I mean people are sick of gun violence and school shootings and the many, many lives that have been lost and we want change which is clear", said Sophie Bock, South Burlington's student council president. Students also protested gun violence outside Tamalpais High in Mill Valley.

At Butler High School in Matthews, N.C., a suburb of Charlotte, students gathered in the bleachers.

Just this year alone, we have already had five school threats in our area: Mason City Schools, Riceville Schools, Austin Schools, Century High School and Triten Schools.

Reis and other students said they were told there will be repercussions for standing at the flagpole and for speaking to KFDX about the movement.

"I think a message we need to send is our generation is voting next and this is how strongly we are motivated", said senior Megan Furber.

For some, the consequences don't matter. Through this walkout, we want to show our support for the family, friends and loved ones who have suffered a loss due to a school shooting. Participants in the march were wearing orange, holding up signs saying "Fix this before I have to text my mom from under a desk" and chanting, "The people united will never be divided".

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"What if it wasn't a late student?"

"I'm only 16, I'm not that old", Farler said. Congressman Paul Tonko also made an appearance at the school to listen to students advocate for an end to school violence on issues such as bullying and gun safety. We should be in school.

Students near Washington plan to rally for gun control at the Capitol. The injured student was treated by paramedics; the alleged shooter was taken into custody. "We get immune to things like that".

When asked if the students feel safe while at school many raised their hand.

"At the very least, stricter psychological evaluations and stricter background checks", junior Izzy Black, said.

"We're just out here trying to make a difference". You won't matter. There's not enough of us, it won't matter.