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Fish also cleared space in the classroom for students to carry out their fights, and at times encouraged them. Fish reportedly let his students draw obscene pictures on the whiteboard, and told his classes stories about smoking marijuana and other drugs, and even shared his Snapchat address in a gesture of friendship.

"Algebra I is a class that's generally taught in eighth and ninth grade, and a few sophomores should be enrolled once they attend CHS", she said. The students were 16, 15, and 14-years-old, and they were unevenly matched in what were slap fights across the face and head.

Authorities then began investigating the report and discovered that the one-on-one fights happened "under the direct supervision" of the former substitute math teacher.

Fish was sacked in October.

The school is just in the beginning phase of allowing teachers to hide carry, that starts with a public hearing, which will be held on April 17 just before the school board meeting.

Some students recorded the fights on their cellphones.

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A 50-foot wide patch of dirt circled the Oklahoma state Capitol, a trail of dead grass created by tens of thousands of teachers who had spent the past two weeks marching around the building, rallying for an increase in public school funding. "I will admit that I did at one point egg them on".

Fish was arrested on Thursday on multiple charges of reckless endangerment and risk of injuries to a child.

The couple knows they'll likely go without pay if they take part in a teacher walkout, putting them in a deeper hole financially.

Students Brandon Ulin, band president, and Kathryne Whalen, choir president, said in a joint statement that McDaniel "is our role model, friend and champion ... he understands many of our issues because they were once his. As soon as we learned of his involvement in this, we immediately terminated his employment", Levesque said. "That was not only a decision made based on what I've seen at school, but also what I've seen as an adult", said Harmon, who has been teaching for 20 years. "We're not just going to hide". "If I had known what I was doing to the kids I would have done something totally different". Cell phone evidence proves at least two of the fights.

Fish's bail was set at $75,000, the Courant reported.

Police said Fish told the principal "boys will be boys", after he was confronted about the fighting on October 10, the report said. "I didn't have the training to see what was going on".