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President Donald Trump halted additional economic sanctions against Russia Monday just a day after U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said on CBS' Face the Nation that they "will be coming".

The U.S., the United Kingdom and France carried out a coordinated missile attack on Syria Friday night, striking military installations involved with the use of chemical weapons.

As The New York Times notes, any new sanctions "would be the third round enacted by the Trump administration against Russian Federation in the past four weeks".

The White House on Monday said it was weighing fresh Russian Federation sanctions for Moscow's role supporting Syria's chemical weapons program, but officials cautioned that no decision has yet been taken.

Haley also said the US won't be pulling troops out of Syria right away, saying their involvement there "is not done".

While Haley's comments made sanctions seem imminent, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Monday that "we are considering additional sanctions and a decision will be made in the near future".

The White House, meanwhile, said Mr Trump still wants United States forces in Syria to return home as soon as possible. They said Haley is one of the most disciplined and cautious members of the Cabinet, especially when it comes to her public appearances.

The president changed course after Russian Federation denounced the sanctions as "international economic raiding", The Washington Post reported.

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The official said Trump had expressed concern that if the administration did not proceed cautiously, tensions between Washington and Moscow - already at their worst since the Cold War - could escalate dangerously, the official said.

Mr Trump has vowed that Syria's allies will pay a "big price" for facilitating the suspected use of poison gas.

Washington has vowed new sanctions against Russian Federation for supporting Syrian government.

"A perfectly executed strike last night", Trump tweeted on Saturday morning.

Adding to the complication is the lack of a Secretary of State after Rex Tillerson's departure, as well as President Donald Trump's desire to improve relations with Russian Federation.

After the Kremlin complained about the new sanctions, Trump told his national security team later Sunday that he was upset the sanctions were being put into place because he was not comfortable with them, sources told the paper.

"The president is going to continue to be tough on [Russia]", she said.