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If somebody takes digital information, under the Criminal Code it's not theft ...

Whether he supports BROWSER legislation, a bill that requires internet companies to allow users to opt in or opt out of any company use of their personal information. In contrast to the information that users (more or less) willingly share, the vast majority of users have no idea that such data even exists.

An estimated one in 50 Australian Facebook users are thought to have their data leaked. "That goes for data on users that click on your profile, how much time they spend on it, and what parts they mostly explore".

The Verge attempted to discount fears about Facebook listening to users through the microphones on their mobile devices, calling it "a myth". However, this meant that the Facebook Events data would also include information about who else attended the event, as well as any posts shared on the event's wall.

Zuckerberg responded saying: "Congressman, that is an accurate description of the prank website I made when I was a sophomore". I bet he never expected to be in this kind of seat. Along with Google, Facebook is consistently among the top three data-collectors in the field, said Reuben Binns, an Oxford University computer scientist who researches these beacons.

Zuckerberg was unable to answer Dingell, the MI congresswoman, when she asked how frequently Facebook used computer code embedded in websites to gather dossiers on virtually everyone online. There are multiple articles showing you how to change your privacy settings and even delete Facebook altogether.

Zuckerberg also appeared willing to work with lawmakers on possible regulations, which we think may actually create a barrier to entry in the social network space and help Facebook maintain its market leadership.

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With the pressure mounting on the social network, some are speculating that Facebook may soon launch a paid-for version of the platform alongside its current free offering.

It's no coincidence that Parakilas has been speaking out about the issue since the matter of user data on Facebook came to light.

Mark Zuckerberg has spent an very bad lot of time in the hot seat over the last two days.

But the senators gave as good as they got - which saw Illinois' Duck Durbin receiving lots of love for his question to the CEO.

"You don't think you have a monopoly?"

Fraser concluded that the 10 companies that got his email address were ad agencies. "There was a movie about this - or it said it was about this - it was of unclear truth". The office weighed in on various policy issues pertaining to new technology in various sector, providing advice to lawmakers who are tasked with writing laws for things they know little about.

Following the thousands of complaints about Facebook's misappropriation of user information, CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified on Capitol Hill on Tuesday to answer questions from higher government authorities.