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I wish someone tells me I can't speak in my native language! At the time of publication, the petition had secured support from more than 8,000 people. In the video, a man can be seen asking Morris, "What country are you from?" and then saying: "I'm going to call the police".

"He's screaming at the guy serving him, 'Give me my f***ing sandwich, you shouldn't be speaking Spanish, I feel disrespected, go back to your country, '" Serrano said.

Schlossberg's troubles began last Tuesday when he berated employees at Midtown's Fresh Kitchen cafe for conversing in Spanish with each other, threatening to call immigration officials.

Early Thursday morning, journalist Andrew Ramos posted a video of Schlossberg being confronted outside a courthouse in Queens.

It was unclear what action the disciplinary committee could take, if any.

According to the Court System, Mr. Schlossberg was admitted to the bar in 2003 and had no record of public discipline.

In an update vlog, Morris reflected on "The Aaron Schlossberg Incident", and stated that what he'd experienced is something that happens to people of color on a daily basis.

Schlossberg attended the George Washington University Law School, according to his LinkedIn.

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News Politics Video That Racist Fresh Choice Guy Is Also a Trump Loving Milo Supporter Written by Daniel Villarreal

"We are requesting the band to sing the famous, endearing, and warm Spanish children song, 'La Cucaracha, ' the cockroach", campaign creator Mark Goldberg, of NY, said on the page.

Schlossberg didn't immediately respond to INSIDER's requests for comment.

The footage, taken by a customer who asked WPIX not to identify her, has over 2 million views as of Wednesday afternoon. Cameras caught up with Schlossberg on Thursday, and the 42-year-old appeared decidedly less confident than he had been in the restaurant.

The Intercept's King-who helped the video of the Fresh Kitchen tirade go viral by posting it to his Twitter page and seeking insights from his followers on the man's identity-has been unsparing in criticizing Schlossberg on Twitter.

Isaac Saul, lead editor and columnist for the website A Plus, posted another video to Twitter on Wednesday purportedly showing the same man shouting at a group of Jewish protesters and giving them the finger on May 25, 2017. I'm a citizen here, you're not.

"They're yelling, they're claiming things that aren't true", Schlossberg said as he hid behind the umbrella. It appears that he has previously been spotted at local progressive rallies, flipping off demonstrators, and in another incident called a stranger on the street an "ugly fucking foreigner".

"This is the most linguistically diverse city", he said, "not only in the world but in the history of the world".

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