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Avengers: Infinity War sees the superhero clique come together to combat the deadly threat posed by supervillain Thanos.

Amitabh Bachchan is one of the most ardent users of Twitter and while in real life he might be criticized for being diplomatic, his conversations on Twitter are usually no-holds-barred.

Avengers: Infinity War now sits in the #8 spot on the list of all-time domestic box office grossing films after just three weeks in release.

Infinity War's big weekend is largely due to a huge opening in China, where the film made $200 million in its first weekend. And that has led to a multi-record-breaking box office performance. While Avengers: Infinity War already surpassed the $1 billion threshold earlier this week, the release in China is expected to give earnings a significant boost.

Internationally, the comedy tested the waters in eight markets for a foreign debut of $2.9 million and $21.4 million globally.

The movie took in an estimated $61.8 million, according to Exhibitor Relations, which puts its domestic total at $547 million ($1.06 billion worldwide).

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Additionally, Breaking In opened in five worldwide markets this weekend with an estimated $1 million, including a fifth place finish in the United Kingdom with an estimated $609k.

The second weekend of Lionsgate and Pantelion's comedy "Overboard" landed in fourth with $10 million, while the sixth weekend of Paramount's "A Quiet Place" secured No. 5 with $6.3 million.

The movie is the second fastest ever to cross the half-billion mark at the domestic box office. There is no word on whether it will also release in China after a minor delay or not.

Next weekend will see the release of Fox's Deadpool 2 into a massive 4,250 locations, which will make it the widest R-rated release ever, surpassing the 4,103 locations It opened in last September.

You might think we are grasping on to some thin branches here, but considering how sad Groot's final scene really was, we all could use a reason to find hope.