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Check out more in the first RAGE 2 gameplay trailer below.

Its reveal may be one of the most protracted in recent history, thanks to a seemingly never-ending series of leaks, but we finally know everything we're going to know about Rage 2 - at least until E3 next month.

A sequel to 2011's well-received game from id Software, RAGE 2 is being co-developed by Avalanche Studios, and their presence is immediately felt in the trailer. Because of that, it's imperative to gear up and learn the ropes of who is who in the game of RAGE 2.

RAGE 2 is an open world first person shooter by Bethesda Softworks in collaboration with Avalanche Studios.

The Rage 2 teaser trailer is a longer version of what we saw tweeted yesterday and features live-action actors in a variety of weird and whacky post-apocalyptic neon costumes. The impressive art style and updated visuals definitely seem to be a step up from its predecessor.

Singer Sues ZeniMax / Bethesda for Using His Song in "Repugnant" Fallout 4 Ads - 07/10/2017 05:32 PMProbably by means of a quick money grab, singer Dion DiMucci is suing Zenimaxd, the mother compaby behind Behesday, and the game title involved is Fallout 4.

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Players will take up the mantle of Walker, the last remaining Vineland Ranger in the world.

Gangs run rampant and what's left of society crumble under the iron fist of tyrannical leaders, known as the Authority. You roam the open roads as Walker, the last Ranger of the wasteland, and you are dead set on destroying The Authority and ending its oppressive rule.

Did you play Rage on PC, PS3, or Xbox 360?

The past couple of days, Bethesda has been teasing a new game. It focuses on gunplay, driving, and the game's world along with hints of what to expect in terms of story.

Following the trailer's release, Bethesda has published a page on its website devoted to Rage 2.

As you can see Avalanche are listed as developers along with iD, and this has been confirmed by Avalanche. Throughout the course of the game, he'll also learn to apply his Nanotrite abilities to his weapons, which will allow him to "unleash absolute hell on his foes". Think of it as a sequel to Doom's glory kill system - where you previously received "just" health and ammo, Overdrive also amps your guns' abilities and increases the chances of better rewards from fallen enemies. When timed correctly, Overdrive is more than enough to tip the scales in a tricky fight. Annoyingly there's no indication as to what quarter of 2019 Rage 2 will arrive, but we'll get our wingsticks ready regardless.