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Ten people have lost their lives to Nipah in Kozhikode and Malappuram districts so far and 19 are undergoing treatment in various hospitals, including one in Waynad.

Nearly 100 people have been quarantined inside their homes in the state, which is a popular tourist destination.

According to World Health Organization, human infections range from asymptomatic infection, acute respiratory infection (mild, severe), and fatal encephalitis.

Symptoms of Nipah virus are trouble in breathing, brain swelling, headache, fever, drowsiness, disorientation and delirium. There is no cure known yet, and patients are only given supportive care. The Nipaj virus infected 18 persons before it was localized and contained.

The death toll from the latest outbreak in Kerala rose to 12 on Thursday, following the death of a 61-year-old man who had already lost three members of his family, including his two sons, to the virus.

According to NDTV, there is a fear that two people in Karnataka may also be infected with the virus. With this, the number of people infected with Nipha virus has risen to 13 of which 10 have died.

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He said the dead bats have been sent to the National Institute of Virology (NIV) for investigation.

Malappuram District Medical Officer K. Sakina told the media that the only thing the people in the district need to do is to follow the directions of the health authorities. "If travellers wish to be extra-cautious they may avoid these districts for some time", said the advisory adding the government has taken effective measures to contain the virus and surveillance is on persons who were in contact with the affected persons. Lini Puthussery, 31, whose "selfless service" is being hailed as "heroic" left a note for her husband before dying. "Lots of love", she wrote.

Death of Moosa was confirmed at a private hospital where he was being treated. "As the virus has spread in north, its impact is not being felt in south Kerala".

State health minister KK Shailaja told ANI that the Centre will send an expert team to the state within 2 days.

There has not yet been an official statement from Public Health England about travel to Kerala, but the risks to travellers are likely to be extremely low.

Nipah Virus infection ( NiV) has surfaced in the southern belt of India and is doing the talks deeply. The natural hosts of the virus are fruit bats. The virus also transmits from humans to humans.