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You like all them clothes you getting? "You know, I'm putting in the work'". Khaled replies, "Nahhh. Never!" I am the king of the house, ' Khaled (born Khaled Mohamed Khaled) noted.

The Rock was the latest star to join in on the conversation, taking to Twitter to voice his thoughts on the whole shebang on Sunday morning.

'Ahem. *clears throat* as a man, I take great pride in mastering ALL performances, ' the retired WWE wrestler wrote.

Earlier today (May 4), a clip of an old Khaled interview on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club began circulating the web and quickly raised the eyebrows of folks from all over.

"There's some things that Y'all don't want to do but got to get done". I will now quietly excuse myself from this fun thread'.

Even though DJ Khaled and his wife seem very happy together every time we spot them out with their adorable son, Asahd Tuck Khaled, we can't help but feel for the woman who has to live under these archaic bedroom rules.

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"It's certain things I just don't do", Khaled says.

The host then asked if his wife could refuse to do the same, but he was quick to respond: "No that's not OK, because you have to understand I am the don, I am the King".

"It's different rules for men".

Evan Rachel Wood is one in a number of celebrities who are calling DJ Khaled out for his controversial stance on reciprocating sex in a relationship.

Khaled continued on to say in the interview that though he would "never" perform oral sex on a woman, he does expect women to continue to "praise" the man and perform oral sex on him.