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On Wednesday, Pruitt is set to testify before a Senate committee where he is likely to face another round of sharp questions about his administration of the federal environmental agency.

During a Capitol Hill hearing on the agency's budget, Sen. EPA's inspector general and congressional committees are now conducting about a dozen investigations into actions by Pruitt and his closest aides.

In response to one of his lavish habits ― he flies only first or business class because of security concerns, according to Pasquale Perrotta, who recently resigned as Pruitt's head of security ― Leahy mocked Pruitt.

Murkowski then turned it over to Democrat Senator of New Mexico, Tom Udall, who was more direct in his criticism regarding Pruitt reportedly asking his security to use lights and sirens to move through Washington traffic.

"Those policies were followed to the best of my knowledge by the agents that served me", Pruitt said. "I'm reading about your interactions with representatives of the industries that you regulate" instead of being asked about EPA policy actions, Alaska Sen.

"I did that as attorney general and I would trust that will happen at a federal level as well", Pruitt said.

An email from the former head of Pruitt's protective detail says the EPA chief "encouraged" their use.

In terms of the FY2019 budget, many topics were line items dealing with matters that the senator felt related to Pruitt's past promises, stating "when you [Pruitt] were before the committee previous year, you said that you would work to return the EPA to its core mission of ensuring clean water, clean air, and clean land, something that we all encourage and support".

"Btw - Administrator encourages the use ..."

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Additionally, a US senator blasted Pruitt for flying first-class because of security reasons, saying no one 'knows who you are'. That challenges Pruitt's account that the round-the-clock security was a result of threats against him after taking office.

"With respect to the phone booth, you mentioned the secure phone line - that was a process that there were not proper controls early to ensure a legal review of the obligation of the agency to inform Congress and GAO", explained the EPA chief.

Leahy belittled Pruitt's claim that he needed to fly first class because of security concerns.

Would you want to know if certain chemicals in the environment are more unsafe than scientists previously thought?

Udall also told Pruitt: "Your tenure at the EPA is a betrayal of the American people". "I'm anxious you are spending all of your time enriching yourself and your friends while betraying your mission to protect human health and the environment".

Aides to President Trump's embattled EPA administrator attempted to stop publication of a study into water contamination near military bases nationwide, including former naval bases in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, according to a published report. She said large cuts were "unsustainable and would make it difficult" for state agencies to carry out environmental work.

Van Hollen also asked Pruitt if he would disclose donations to the fund so the public can see who's financing his defense. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, a Mississippi Republican, said she was "most impressed" with his push to ease regulations and clean up a contaminated site in her state. Six of the seven Democrats on the panel have already signed onto a resolution calling on him to resign. If this is the first time you're hearing that information, that's by design - the EPA has intentionally stalled on releasing the study so as not to freak out the public. Asked Friday if he still had confidence in Pruitt, Trump told reporters, "I do". He acknowledged that an aide, Millan Hupp, shopped for Washington housing for him, although he said it was on her personal time.

"Then that's a gift", Udall said. Tom Udall said, noting that subordinates of federal officials are prohibited from providing free services.