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Google is building a social-gaming startup called Arcade in stealth mode.

What's making headlines now is the confirmation from the company about a new startup, dubbed Arcade.

Another interesting tidbit about the new Google social gaming startup is that it will be helmed by Michael Sayman - a 21-year-old "wunderkind" who began as a Facebook intern at age 17 and then left the company to join Google's parent company, Alphabet, last year. According to Bloomberg, the games on Arcade won't be tied to any existing social networks. While we don't have many details to go on, it seems that Sayman's time at Facebook is helping to influence Arcade, at least in the sense that it's a social media play, one that is "focused on mobile gaming with friends". Google is considering it a socialmedia investment because once a game gets to a certain size, it's something of a social network by itself. The spokesperson also said that it's a "very early experiment", which is why Google isn't giving too much information right now. He started at Facebook as an intern at 17 before joining Google a year ago.

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Arcade's first app could debut this summer and resemble a trivia game. As the Arcade startup shows, the search giant continues to experiment with apps that might appeal to younger mobile users and that provide a gateway to its other ad-supported services. Not a surprising move on Google's part, considering the massive appeal of interactive trivia game headquarters, which is pulling in millions of players across Android and iOS.

Arcade is believed to be part of Google's workshop, Area 120, for experimental projects. Users will have to create accounts using their phone numbers. As part of Area 120, the entrepreneur receives a budget to hire staff as well as for marketing, design and finance to create his own startup with less risk. Such initiatives at Google may eventually be integrated into the broader company's product line or wound down.