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Google Inc.is preparing to roll out a major overhaul of its cloud storage service that will up the ante against the competition in more ways than one.

According to the Google One page, anyone with a paid Google Drive storage plan will automatically be upgraded to the new Google One storage over the coming months. The internet giant is revamping its cloud storage platform with new storage plans and a host of new features. This subscription plan from Google, announced Monday, offers new storage tiers for Drive, the ability to share storage with friends, and possibly even the chance to score some free goodies.

The company's basic 100GB for $1.99 offering is unchanged, though, as are its enterprise storage plans. Google will allow up to 5 accounts to access one plan and each account will be entitled to a private section of storage only they can use. Meanwhile, Google is also adding a $2.99 plan that gives you 200 GB of storage, which might be a solid option for people who are simply running out of space but don't feel like shelling out $120 a year.

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But Nasa still requires seven successful flights before the new rocket receives final certification for a manned mission. With the new (and possibly final) style of the Falcon 9 was the first satellite ever for the nation of Bangladesh.

Google One is slowly rolling out worldwide. In its current form, Google provides all of its customers with 15GB of Google Drive space (for free) that they can use for all of their storage needs. Users can add up to five family members to their plan.

This isn't a sort of rebranding of Drive or anything, but it should help users understand the company's cloud storage plans a lot better than before.

The company's $9.99/month 1TB storage plan, which would be obsolete in light of the 2TB plan's price cut, won't be seeing any price tweaks. Pricing for the 10TB, 20TB and 30TB plans remain the same at $99.99, $199.99 and $299.99 per month respectively. Google has not confirmed the India specific prices for the new plans. Google One will also offer deals on select hotels through Google Search and credits that can be used with Google Play. "We hope to build it over time", she said.