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Google today announced a new version of Google Maps that will launch later this summer. This results to the addition of an AR overlay with specific directions on the Street View of the map. Among the things the technology giant first showcased at the event are the new features that are coming to the Google Maps app this year.

The "For You" section is accompanied by a new "Match Score" feature that custom-tailor restaurant recommendations based on users' personal preferences. Rather than asking users to rely on that little blue dot on their screen to help orient themselves, Google is instead leveraging your smartphone camera to help you determine exactly where you are.

The redesigned Explore tab will show you everything that's new and interesting nearby.

Finally, the new version of Google Maps will make it easier to make plans with friends to go out. Among the key features will be a personalized score indicating how much Google thinks you'll enjoy a restaurant or bar (at least on the surface, comparable to Netflix's percentage telling you how much you might like a movie). Maps will generate lists of Michelin-starred restaurants, for example, or popular brunch spots depending on your context and the time of day.

Chelsea 1-0 Liverpool
Spurs can clinch a Champions League place with four combined points from home games against Newcastle and Leicester. Spurs have a track record for stumbling over the line in the closing weeks of a season and they are doing so again.

Google Maps learns about those preferences based on how you have rated this and other places and your own preferences, which you can actually set manually in the Google Maps settings once this update goes live. They can then add more places to the list and vote on them.

The third major new feature of the new app is group planning. Just long-press on a place you're interested in visiting with your friends in order to add it to a shareable shortlist.

Google News Initiative, a recently launched venture that aims to help grow and innovative the world of journalism and news on a global scale. And of course, once a decision has been made, you can use Google Maps to secure a reservation and book a ride.

Google used its Tuesday I/O keynote to unveil a pretty killer new feature that may one day come to Google Maps: camera-assisted walking navigation.