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The film itself focuses on the story of the character "Jack" - who is portrayed by Matt Dillion - and his development as a serial killer.

The critics and attendees responding to The House That Jack Built exhibited numerous typical scandalized responses to movies, including haughty high dudgeon ("he mutilates children... we are all there in formal dress expected to watch it?"), assignations of moral culpability, declarations that some depictions of violence become " not art", and projection against a theoretical "filmbro" dumb enough to like it.

"The movie is overwhelming", she said.

Now, with The House That Jack Built, the offence has gone further - into the throng of the gathered press.

As well as commenting on his own career and reputation, von Trier is having a sly jab at Silence of the Lambs, Se7en, and all those other films which present serial killers as cultured masterminds.

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Its key commitments include the compilation of statistics to record the gender of the filmmakers and key crew of all submissions. The Cannes Film Festival has always been criticized for gender imbalance on its juries and in its film selection.

Danish actor Ulrich Thomsen also had nothing but praise for the film. He was welcomed back this year by the Cannes Film Festival, however critics argue that the film should not have been screened and had excessive violence, even for the genre. Von Trier told The Guardian "The House That Jack Built celebrates the idea that life is evil and soulless", so yeah, it's probably not going to be super fun to watch.

Entertainment reporter Roger Friedman called the film a "vile movie" that "should not have been made". Jack is telling Verge about five "incidents" he's picked from his murdering career, which seems to run through the 1970s in an unspecified United States town.

IFC Films on Monday dropped the first trailer for Lars von Trier's The House That Jack Built. However, as this is Ol' Papa Genitalia Hater Von Trier we're talking about, The House That Jack Built could be just as disgusting as they suggest - if they walked out early on, guess how much worse it gets?

Nevertheless Lars still has his fans, with a six-minute standing ovation taking place during the end credits. Let us know what you think.