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Amazingly enough, the teen was detained by Bortles, center Brandon Linder and guard Chris Reed at a function that was being held at Linder's home, according to TMZ Sports.

Seems a Florida high school student happened upon a Jacksonville Beach house party Wednesday night and made a decision to help himself to an unlocked-with-the-wallet-and-keys-inside Ford F-150, police told WJXT-TV.

And the pickup truck's owner?

Blake Bortles is not only a quarterback, he's capable of some good, old-fashioned police work, too. Something pinged Bortles as suspicious about the young man, who certainly didn't appear to be one of the invited guests.

Apparently the video also showed Horton removing Bortles' wallet from his truck, the station noted, adding that the wallet later found on the ground.

News 6 partner WJXT-TV reported that witnesses told police the act was caught on the home's surveillance video, and Horton seemed to have an affinity for the vehicles parked in the driveway.

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When life gives you lemons...

... When asked why he was at the party, Horton claimed he was searching for his ex-girlfriend, but no actual guests of the party had any connection to him.

Not only that - he went upstairs.

Bortles and two friends were reportedly keeping a close eye on Horton when police arrived.

Neighbors confirmed that he lived there with his parents.

Duval County jail records show 18-year-old Joseph Arthur Horton is charged with auto theft, auto burglary and trespassing.

As iconic cultural commentator David Lee Roth once put it, "His folks are overjoyed".