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Sanders also said she was not aware of the president having any conversations with Barr, who is a Trump supporter, following the actress's controversial tweet. The initial tweet outraged fans and as well as her own castmates.

And yesterday, after vowing to quit Twitter, Roseanne returned to the network tweeting a response to users calling her "racist".

"Bob Iger of ABC called Valerie Jarrett to let her know that "ABC does not tolerate comments like those" made by Roseanne Barr", Mr Trump tweeted on Wednesday, referring to the former White House senior adviser.

"She's known Trump for 30 years like I have", he said.

Meanwhile, Barr insisted she is not racist.

Mr. Rasmussen, who was a supervising producer for one season on the old show before being fired, said there was a sense of objective this time that the show could speak to a segment of the country that was often overlooked in prime-time TV.

2012 Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said ABC had "been looking for a reason to cancel Roseanne". "He may say the tweet, but someone is typing it in".

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And that is why I apologised Thursday and will continue to apologise to anyone I might have upset, however unintentionally. A spokeswoman for CNN responded to ABC News with the following statement: "The unfounded accusations made by Mr.

President Donald Trump has tweeted about Roseanne Barr's show being cancelled by ABC. After many years, she said, "I'm more centered, I'm in the best place that I've ever been in". "And he said to me, oh my gosh, you married up in the world". "She's not going to go on TV and say these things, but you put that phone in her hand, and she is a loose cannon".

In a tweet posted just after midnight ET, which has since been deleted, Barr wrote, "guys I did something unforgivable [sic] so do not defend me".

Goodman's voluntary ignorance also extends to chatter of him starring in a spinoff series without Roseanne Barr's involvement.

It tweeted that maybe the audience would prefer one of its own shows instead.

In one of the tweets that sparked outrage, she wrote, "Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj". President Donald Trump on Wednesday tangentially weighed in on the issue via Twitter, asking why ABC had issued a mea culpa to Jarrett over Barr's comments when the network has never called the president to apologize for ostensibly harsh coverage. She is so locked in with Trump she is unable to have any introspection. "And with that said, I have an idea that I think makes this work for everyone", he explained.

For cast and crew members that did have longer-term contracts, Barr's show-sinking tweet could be deemed, odd as it sounds, an "act of God".

But Barr fired back: 'I created the platform for that inclusivity and you know it. ME.