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While Kennedy said he gets death threats all the time from enemies of the United States, these threats were so menacing that the FBI investigated them.

Haspel testified at a Senate hearing that torture does not work as an interrogation technique and that as director her strong "moral compass" would ensure she did not carry out any administrative directive she found objectionable.

"You're being water-boarded by friends and you know while doing this you can stop at any time", posted David Hollingsworth.

Meanwhile, however, she was also reportedly responsible for overseeing the torture of some terror suspects.

According to CNN, Haspel refrained from doing so in the public portion of her hearing because "she did not want to be seen as publicly criticizing her colleagues at the Central Intelligence Agency". "I don't think it's knowable whether interrogation techniques played a role in that". "I don't and wouldn't hesitate to reject a proposal that fails to satisfy this threshold".

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An undercover officer for most of her career, Haspel in 2002 served as CIA station chief in Thailand, where the agency conducted interrogations at a secret prison using methods including waterboarding, which is widely viewed as torture. She additionally briefly ran a secret CIA jail the place accused terrorists Abu Zubayadah and Abd al Rahim al-Nashiri had been waterboarded, in response to former USA intelligence officers.

Haspel also later wrote, on the orders of a superior, the cable instructing staff at the black site to destroy tapes of the interrogations of al-Nashiri and Zubaydah. That order prompted a prolonged Justice Division investigation that ended with out expenses. Paul swore up and down that he wouldn't vote to confirm a hawk like Pompeo but Democrats hung together, leaving Paul as the decisive vote on the committee. John McCainJohn Sidney McCainSenate GOP anger over McCain insult grows Conway: Heads will roll after latest White House leak McConnell praises McCain: "A genuine American hero" MORE's (Ariz.) opposition to her nomination. If this vacancy were being filled last year or next year, it might not have gone this way since red-state Democrats like Heitkamp would have been more willing to say no. Joe Donnelly of IN and Joe Manchin of West Virginia stated they might again Trump's choose.

Haspel has been slammed by Senator John McCain and (other) Democrats for opposing her nomination, citing her role in the use of waterboarding to extract key intel from radical Islamic terrorists after the 9/11 attacks.

As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Mr. Paul's opposition nearly triggered the panel to report Mr. Pompeo out of the committee unfavorably before the full Senate vote.