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Sarah Huckabee Sanders voiced her opinion over the weekend that any Democrats who say they support women but don't vote for Haspel are hypocrites.

By Saturday, however, she chose to stay the course and testify this week. Dr. Jackson was flagrantly unqualified to lead the second-largest federal agency. Dr. Jackson faced character questions about his personal conduct and treatment of subordinates.

One of the most prominent lawmakers with questions for Haspel is Sen. They speak not to whether the Trump administration can do even basic vetting of its appointees but whether we have learned any lessons from our disastrous abandonment of the moral high ground after the attacks of September 11. The president's failure to vet nominees to lead massive, complex government agencies has given us such gems as Scott Pruitt, who's been dogged by scandal since taking office, and Betsy DeVos, who barely scraped by after stumbling repeatedly during questioning. The program included waterboarding, which simulates drowning and is often compared to torture. With its torture program, the Bush-era Central Intelligence Agency made the case for them. There, two detainees were waterboarded, with one of the instances occurring after Haspel took the helm of the prison. Think of that, at these very unsafe occasions, we have probably the most capable man, a girl, who Democrats want OUT due to the fact she's too tough on terror.

Haspel had reportedly been summoned for a meeting at the White House Friday to discuss her involvement in the program.

The tight 51-49 party split in the Senate makes confirmation uncertain.

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Haspel is scheduled to meet with several senators Monday in advance of her hearing.

The Fox News co-hosts insisted on calling waterboarding, which is considered torture and is illegal under US and global law, "enhanced interrogation", a term used by the George W. Bush administration.

"The torture and cruel treatment of prisoners undermines our national security by increasing the risks to our troops, hindering cooperation with allies, alienating populations whose support the United States needs in the struggle against terrorism, and providing a propaganda tool for extremists who wish to do us harm", they said.

"My highly respected nominee for CIA Director, Gina Haspel, has come under fire because she was too tough on Terrorists", the Republican president tweeted early Monday.

During a television interview Monday morning, Marc Short, the White House legislative director, said he is confident Haspel will be confirmed.