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An autonomous auto being tested by Waymo was involved in a serious collision in the Phoenix, Arizona suburb of Chandler, when a vehicle being driven by a human swerved to avoid another vehicle, and left the human operator in the Waymo with minor injuries. There was initially speculation that the company's self-driving technology played some part in the incident, but the vehicle was actually in manual mode the entire time. A Honda was eastbound on Chandler when it had to swerve to avoid a northbound vehicle in the intersection, police said.

The Waymo vehicle was traveling at a slow speed and in autonomous mode.

Regardless of where the auto hit, it damaged the minivan's front bumper, headlight, front fender and driver's side door.

The video released by Waymo is taken from front-facing camera sensors mounted in the auto. Tyler went on to say the "The Waymo vehicle was rolling, but I don't think it was going very fast".

The operator in the driver's seat sustained minor injuries.

The local police reported that minor injuries have been caused from the accident after a sedan swerved into a Waymo van to avoid any other collision.

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In fact, it amounted to more than $1 billion, as confirmed by an investor call which can be read on Seeking Alpha . The company more than likely made enough money off the game's initial release to cover the costs of the game.

According to Waymo this evening, the auto was in manual mode, not driving autonomously, on Chandler Boulevard approaching North Los Felix Friv e/North Hearthstone Way in Chandler.

According to police reports Chandler, at the time of the incident the vehicle Waymo worked in offline mode, and driving assistant.

"The Waymo vehicle was in the wrong place at the wrong time", Tyler told Newsweek. The vehicles were towed from the scene on flatbed trucks, the Waymo minivan covered by a tarp.

This is not the first time an autonomous vehicle is involved in a crash.

Waymo CEO John Krafcik spoke about the car's ability to avoid crashes as recently as this March, less than a week after pedestrian Elaine Herzberg was killed in an accident involving an autonomous Uber SUV.