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Yale Police officers on Monday evening interrogated a black graduate student, Lolade Siyonbola GRD '19, for more than 15 minutes, after a white graduate student reported Siyonbola to the police for sleeping in the HGS common room.

After having some issues finding Siyonbola in university records, police realized her name was misspelled in the database. She also told police she refused to justify her existence for being there as she pays tuition like everybody else.

"Feeling ignored, I went down to the base of the twelfth floor and the eleventh floor and turned my back, but she continued to verbally assault me from the twelfth floor claiming that I "didn't belong here" and I was making her 'uncomfortable, '" Reneson said.

The Yale University police officers who were called to investigate a napping black graduate student ultimately admonished the white student who had contacted police in the first place, a Yale vice president says.

"I have every right to call the police", the defensive white grad student said as she filmed Siyonbola filming her.

"You can not sleep in that room", the woman said in the first of two Facebook videos posted by Siyonbola.

"I have every right to call the police", Braasch said after snapping a photo of Siyonbola. It remains unclear why Yale police refused to leave Siyonbola alone after she showed them her key and university ID card. Recently, the mother of a participant on a campus tour at Colorado State University called the campus police there on two Native American students who the mother thought were behaving oddly. They left after confirming she was a Yale student who lived in the building.

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Siyonbola posted on Facebook that she was overwhelmed by the support she's received since the incident.

"I hope that makes you feel powerful", she responds.

As in many of those encounters, including the arrest of two black men at a Philadelphia Starbucks and the questioning of black Airbnb guests in California, the Yale incident was captured in a widely shared video that set off anger online.

The officers asked Siyonbola for her ID, and after some delay in verifying the spelling of her name, she was cleared to go. "I'm going to call the police". "The assumption is, if you're white and you're dressed preppy, you're a Yale student".

On her Facebook wall, Lolade narrates that Sarah Braasch, who is studying Philosophy at PhD level, once called the Police on one of her (Lolade) friends a few months earlier.

'Black Yale community is beyond incredible and is taking good care of me, ' she wrote. She did not immediately respond to Washington Post messages seeking comment.

You know how every right wing pundit thinks colleges are liberal snowflake safe spaces?