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The tweet said the Taliban in Farah, Afghanistan would have much rather heard "Yanny" or "Laurel" than the "defeating BRRRT" of the A-10 Warthogs sent this week to repel the insurgents. It all started when YouTuber Cloe Couture tweeted out a video clip asking "What do you hear?!". He says the original recording was most likely "Laurel".

With the audio recording becoming such a controversy, Newswatch 16 felt what better place to ask people what they're hearing than the Laurel Mall, and we found people on both Team Yanny and Team Laurel.

"At first you just hear static, but then the brain knows what to listen for and then you hear it", DeGeneres explained. "What makes you better is really listening to somebody else.as long as they hear laurel".

Some speculated, like Keating, that the differences might be related to hearing loss or the age of the listener.

But, if you hear Yanny, that's all the higher notes. "This debate really amused me, mainly just to see people stop what they are doing to discuss something amusing like this so seriously". Ashley Barrentine wrote, "I hear Yanny but my dad and boyfriend hear Laurel I'm shook".

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But if muddy audio or an unfamiliar speech pattern is all it takes to fool the brain, how can we trust anything we hear? According to him, the "acoustic information that makes us hear Yanny is higher frequency than the acoustic information that makes us hear Laurel". "Depending on how you're hearing it, depending on your device".

The potential client manifests himself (because audio clips have genders now) as a "large blue sound wave with muscular, toned abs and a boyish, playful smile".

President Trump, along with other members of his administration, jumped in on the "Yanny vs. Laurel" debate on Thursday.

She says speakers could also play a factor in what we hear.

But she adds that perception can change, even in the same device.