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The partner companies can only deliver Amazon packages from the branded vans, but they're allowed to add their own non-Prime vehicles and pick up work for other companies.

Each potential partner will first be vetted by the company.

There have been plenty of rumblings that Amazon.com, Inc. That's a lot of revenue, but also a lot of deliveries.

It has a fleet of cargo planes it calls "Prime Air", announced previous year that it was building an air cargo hub in Kentucky and pays people as much as $25 an hour to deliver packages with their cars through Amazon Flex.

Amazon's ever-expanding retail empire is going to need more workers and vehicles to get millions of packages to shoppers' doors.

The announcement comes a week after the White House announced its inclination to privatize the US Postal Service.

The online retailer, which past year shipped more than 5 billion packages through its Prime program, on Thursday said it is looking for hundreds of entrepreneurs "with little to no logistics experience" to set up their own delivery businesses - complete with Amazon-branded vehicles and uniforms. Also helping expand its reach: Amazon Flex drivers who use their own vehicles to deliver packages.

So what is actually included in the Amazon Delivery Service Partners program?

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SEATTLE - Your Amazon packages, which usually show up in a UPS truck, an unmarked vehicle or in the hands of a mail carrier, may soon be delivered from an Amazon van. Those who sign up for the program can work with other delivery concerns as long as they don't use Amazon-branded trucks or wear company uniforms. Amazon uses the USPS for an estimated 40% of its last-mile deliveries, paying bulk pricing. To begin with, a business needs to have at least five delivery vans, but that number can ramp up over time.

Amazon will not only help companies get off the ground, the company said, but also assist in managing them.

Amazon sought to decrease its reliance on 3PLs earlier this year with the launch of Shipping with Amazon (SWA), posing competition to FedEx and UPS - and worrying their investors.

Those courier services were down recently, losing 1% and 3% respectively.

Businesses will pick up Amazon packages from one of its 75 United States delivery stations before transporting them to buyers.

Right now, when parcels are delivered late or not at all, or when they are left out in the rain or otherwise damaged, Amazon can blame the delivery companies.

If successful, that will pay off with greater control over delivery costs.

Each Delivery Service Partner can start their business with as little as a $10,000 investment. And some Amazon Prime members can have packages dropped inside their homes or auto.