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There is yet another new expansion coming to Elder Scrolls Online and will feature content like "Werewolf Hunter" and "Black Marsh" as part of other new additions.

According to Bethesda Game Studios' Todd Howard, who most assume is serving as director on one or both of these games, Starfield is a new franchise for the developer.

Mobile gaming is insane big these days.

Skyrim was a massive success, and Bethesda ended up porting the golden goose to just about every platform under the sun, released editions for every current gen console including the Nintendo Switch, and re-releasing the game in a Special Edition. This is an effective use of resources to keep players engaged without having to rely on the other titles that do not sell almost as much in the next 4 years as they finish those games. While Howard didn't say if there would be an online component or not, it sounds like it wouldn't play a major factor in the main focus of the game anyway. Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI are most definitely not coming out for at least two or three years.

It's inspired by the more combat-orientated The Elder Scrolls: Arena, the very first entry in the series from back in 1994.

Merkel says differences on trade remain despite joint G7 communique
Despite this, they were seen to be on good terms, and President Macron's team said his talks with Trump were "frank and robust". The other G7 leaders met without Trump for the rest of the day, discussing climate change and global development.

Announcing DOOM Eternal, the direct sequel to the award-winning and best-selling DOOM (2016).

Prey will also receive a paid DLC pack, Typhon Hunter, later this year, which will add an asymmetrical multiplayer game mode where one player as a human faces five other players menacing them as Typhon aliens. Though with the game not slated for release until 2019, it's going to be a long wait after that pre-order.

Finally, "Dying Light 2" was revealed and showed the intriguing ecosystem of the game's setting, all of which forks and bends on whatever action you take and give each playthrough a unique flavour. There are no details on the game yet, and the very short teaser tells us nothing except that the game exists, while showing off a mountainous region and some fog accompanied by the Dovahkiin theme. One could make several comparisons between these descriptions and the views scene from TES 6's teaser trailer - but there's more.

Bethesda hasn't revealed a firm release date, but says the game will be available for download later this year.

You can play the game horizontally, using both hands, or in portrait mode, if you need a free hand - for your coffee cup, of course! For those who've become jaded with modding their PC game beyond all recognition, or scaling the snow-capped mountains in dizzying VR, it's yet another excuse to don the horned iron helmet and experience Skyrim in a fresh way. Typhon Hunter will be playable on virtual reality platforms, as well. Id Software studio head Tim Willits said that the company chose to partner with Avalanche given the company's history of making insane open-world action games.