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The former U.S. president appeared on The Late Show Tuesday night to promote his book, The President is Missing, with James Patterson, and was granted a do-over after ill-advised remarks he made a day earlier about Monica Lewinsky. "I apologize to my family, to Monica Lewinsky and her family, to the American people".

In this image released by CBS, former President Bill Clinton appears with host Stephen Colbert, right, and co-author James Patterson while promoting their book "The President is Missing", on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert", Tuesday, June 5, 2018 in NY.

Clinton, who was Colbert's first guest on Tuesday night, said his previous interview on NBC's "Today" show was not his "finest hour".

"When I saw the interview, I thought that - because they had to distill it - and it looked like I was saying I didn't apologize and that I had no intention to", Clinton said on CBS's "Late Show".

But he "also took issue with the questions we asked earlier this week", Melvin jumped in, claiming Clinton "appeared to suggest NBC News took his words out of context". "And I was mad at me".

Clinton said he has been asked about Lewinsky a number of times recently in light of #MeToo - a discussion he supports - but felt Craig Melvin's approach was different in this interview. I messed up and I own that,"saying no one else is to blame for that botched interview, "including that young man aggressively saying I did not apologize". In fact, Melvin asked Clinton if he had ever apologized privately to Lewinsky. "She is 44, and she is forever known as the woman who went down in the White House, if you will", McCain said. "And I would never dispute that". "I've had to live with the consequences every day since". "I feel much worse for her".

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"It seemed tone-deaf to me", Colbert continued, "because you seemed offended to be asked about this thing when, in all due respect sir, your behavior was the most famous example of a powerful man sexually misbehaving in the workplace of my lifetime".

"I don't know what people say in their books, what I know is if they were complicit, that's their marriage and that's what they do", Goldberg said, insisting Clinton "is the woman who goes through it every day, every day from both sides".

Mr Clinton was impeached in 1998 for lying to investigators about the relationship.

"I just want to say about Monica Lewinsky - I know her, not well - but I want to remind people that to get a job at a young age as an intern in the White House you have to be an exceptional human being".

Clinton's defensive response on Monday was confirmation to many national and state-based Democrats who were concerned about how the former president would fare campaigning for Democrats amid the #MeToo movement.