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However, it appears an exception has been made for Fortnite Battle Royale, which is apparently getting an exciting update tomorrow. Now those kids want to play a game together and they can't because their parents bought different consoles.

Insanely popular battle royale game Fortnite has managed to rack up 2 million players on Nintendo Switch within its first day of release. Their actions obviously speak volumes - "Minecraft" players on Xbox can play with their Nintendo Switch brethren, and so forth.

Not being able to play with PS4 owners is a bit of a bummer.

In other words, Nintendo and Epic Games are totally down to for cross-play but Sony is having none of it. NPD analyst Mat Piscatella notes on Twitter that 40 percent of Switch owners in the USA also own a PS4, meaning this isn't likely to be a small-scale problem among the tens of millions of Fortnite players.

Time will tell if Sony is willing to change their minds on cross-play functionality with other consoles in the future.

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However, it may have been better if the company kept its silence. Those monthly subscriptions aren't going to sign up for themselves. Fortnite cross-platform play is a mess and it's entirely down to Sony.

Fortnite's popularity among players has partly been fuelled by its availability for free on smartphones as well as on traditional consoles, making it popular among teenage gamers as well as seasoned players. Or console gamers' aim assist could overcompensate and put the PC players at a disadvantage.

The mention of cross-play on Android, PC, and iOS platforms does little to quell the flames. But it's understandable, or at least not unusual for Sony.

There will also be a bunch of indie titles that have been discounted so if you're after indie games you'll be covered too.

Over the past year, Epic Games has continued to strike gold with Fortnite's free to play Battle Royale mode. And if you want to use your Epic account to track your progress in Fortnite, well ... you can't - but why don't you just keep using your PlayStation 4. So no in-game purchases carry over, forcing players to create new secondary accounts. But, "Fortnite" fans who tried using accounts created via PS4 quickly discovered those accounts won't work on Switch. You simply can't access both platforms from the same account.