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Trump's comments are the latest sign he is moving rapidly to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, who announced his retirement this week. Murkowski is known for her support for abortion rights and gay marriage - positions usually out of step with Republican orthodoxy and what many conservatives want to see out of Trump's court pick. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) said Trump was not a "king" and any nominee had to go through the U.S. Senate. "Heidi will vote "no" for any pick we make for the Supreme Court", Trump said. Trump said he will pick from a list of 25 conservative candidates.

Citing two former members of senior management, Ruhle said, "a lot of the recent lending comes from the private bank...most of which was done after Justin left the bank".

"Say hello to your boy", Trump told Kennedy, seemingly referring to his son, Justin.

"I finished the book last summer and this was the chapter I was least certain about - I thought it would get the most pushback from institutional Democrats and people committed to norms and rules", Faris said.

Roosevelt's attempt at court-packing is historically remembered as his second most controversial policy decision, after the use of interment camps to hold Japanese Americans during World War II (a policy that, ironically, is also being resurrected in 2018 through the Trump administration's immigration crackdown).

Falwell added: "In the '70s, I don't know how many states had abortion illegal before Roe v. Wade, but it won't be near as many this time".

Senator Mike Lee, who is a former federal prosecutor and Supreme Court clerk, has been named as a possible replacement for a retiring Supreme Court judge. Starting in the early 1960s with the Supreme Court's outlawing of prayer and Bible reading in public schools, religious conservatives have seen the court as hostile to their values. Faris said. "We're still at a five-four majority for conservatives right now. there's no need to add four, or six or eight seats to the court".

Tigers fire pitching coach Chris Bosio for insensitive comments
The Detriot Tigers have fired pitching coach Chris Bosio on Wednesday for "insensitive comments" that violated team policy. General manager Al Avila told reporters the comments in question from Bosio were directed at a club employee.

Trump's legislative director Marc Short said the White House has begun conversations with several Senate offices.

"This heartless and xenophobic executive order now has the court's permission to tear up the families apart and throw families into despair, sending clear message to Muslims and refugees that they are not welcome in our country", she said. As it turns out, the emphasis on the Supreme Court may have been more useful in providing cover for Trump's evangelical supporters than for Trump himself - a rationalization of political expediency that hid the fact that most white evangelicals were all too happy to vote for Trump. But advocates on both sides of the issue agree the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy sets the stage for a battle over abortion rights unlike any in a generation.

Supreme Court vacancies have become a key voting issue in the USA presidential election.

Republicans hold a narrow 51-49 majority in the chamber and Trump can ill afford any defections. They include judges Amy Coney Barrett, 46, the most talked-about woman on the list; Thomas Hardiman, 52, the runner-up to Gorsuch past year; Raymond Kethledge, 51, another former Kennedy clerk; and Amul Thapar, 49, a favorite of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

Within hours of Kennedy's announcement, Democrats were on television and vowing to fight as hard as they can to prevent a hard-right judge from being appointed to the court.

When asked whether United States sanctions on Russian Federation might be lifted, he said: "We'll see what Russian Federation does". "I started at that age watching Supreme Court arguments just for fun, going with my dad to the court, and so I'm honored even to be considered for something like this".