KXIP vs KKR Live Score

Accounts syncing is one of the main appeals of Fortnite, and Sony is taking that away from players.

Fortnite has proven itself to be extremely popular and profitable on the iOS family.

Instead, Switch owners will need to create a new account from scratch and lose all their progress from previous play sessions.

Fortnite has made huge strides in cross-platform play and made it possible to play the game with your friends on nearly every platform it's available. It may have taken a while but Fortnite Switch has finally jumped onto the battle royale bandwagon. You won't be able to simply log into their accounts on Switch consoles or any other device that can run the game.

Fortnite is free-to-play so you can jump in whenever you want without worrying about breaking the bank on an experience you may not like. Unfortunately, the game is now having matchmaking issues, likely due to the influx of players.

Bethesda teases The Elder Scrolls VI with first trailer at E3 2018
One could make several comparisons between these descriptions and the views scene from TES 6's teaser trailer - but there's more. It's inspired by the more combat-orientated The Elder Scrolls: Arena , the very first entry in the series from back in 1994.

Fortnite Switch players can team up with other gamers on Xbox One, PC and Mobile, but they can't join those on PS4.

Link your Switch account to an Epic Games account.

With $100 million in prize money set to be distributed by Epic Games between 2018 and 2019 for Fortnite esports tournaments, everyone in the community has been wondering how the season will be formatted.

You will have to become friends on PC, Mac, Xbox or Mobile first. At least, from those who wish to play on the Switch.