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The new trailer pointed towards the inclusion of the Sinister Six, a team of Spider-Man's most formidable foes. In the game-play portion of the trailer, we see Spider-Man chasing down Electro in The Raft as he battles against a bunch of standard grunt fodder before running into Rhino (Oh hey Rhino!) and continuing further into The Raft where we are introduced to Scorpion & The Vulture. "Tom Holland was one of the (admittedly many) scene-stealers in Avengers" Infinity War, and gave us the "I don't feel so good, Mr Stark..." meme.

PlayStation's E3 2018 Showcase finally gave us an expanded look at the game, showing details about the gameplay and its unsafe world.

Spider-Man is unbelievable - at least based on what I played.

Spider-Man will come to life in just a few months with Marvel's Spider-Man.

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Now, six of them are fighting to take it back. "But with everything that's at stake right now, we can not let up". She said Taylor has failed to do enough to address climate change and sea-level rise, which plagues the region.

Unlike some of the less faithful Spider-Man games, you'll have to attach your webs to actual buildings and can't magically swing from the sky.

My demo ended with an epic boss fight against perennial Spidey villain Shocker, which consisted of an ebb-and-flow of dodging his charged electricity attacks, tossing debris at him to lower his shield, and going in for a few punches.

Taking the web-slinger to The Raft - an off-island NY penitentiary created to lock up Marvel's worst villains - it transpires that Electro is orchestrating a breakout attempt.

We can't wait to get our hands on this game. The fighting mechanics look to be ripped directly from Batman: Arkham Knight, complete with the "Fear" mechanic appearing as Spider-Man's "Spider Sense" moments. With this in mind, let's get right to it. Since then, the alternate-reality version of Peter Parker has kept a relatively low profile.