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In its alarming new report on America's fast-rising suicide rate, the Centers for Disease Control cites many pressures that might lead people to take their own lives: problems with relationships or work, substance abuse, money troubles, or housing insecurity.

"Increases in suicide tend to correlate with economic downturns", she said.

They found that suicide rates increased in every state except Nevada over the past two decades; and half of the country (25 states) saw suicide rates rise more than 30%.

" The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255), a network of crisis centers, provides free and confidential counseling around the clock for people in distress, including emotional support, resources for callers and their loved ones, and best practices for professionals". While this was obviously a large increase, there were 23 other states that reported bigger jumps in that same timeframe.

"People tend to tip-toe around sensitive issues like suicide".

In fact, researchers found that more than half of people who died by suicide during the study period did not have a known diagnosed mental health condition at the time of death.

The most common method was using a firearm, followed by suffocation, the agency said. The World Health Organization estimates a global suicide rate of one death every 40 seconds, which by 2020 they predict will increase to one every 20 seconds.

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Suicide rates varied from 6.9 per 100,000 residents a year in the District of Columbia to 29.2 per 100,000 in Montana.

The report said people without known mental health problems were more likely to die by firearms than those with known mental health problems.

Suicide rates are higher in rural areas, with the gap between rates in urban and rural areas widening, with 2007 seeing the gap begin to widen more quickly, the CDC reports. The series includes content warnings before the start of some episodes, as well as directives to contact suicide hotlines by the series' actors. She told reporters, "We did see increases in younger and older people".

While the study emphasizes the need for more prevention resources, predicting suicides can be hard.

"Anybody who is having suicidal thoughts and is feeling suicidal that somebody else, a friend or someone in the news killed themselves, that could be enough to tip them over", said Dr. Hank Schwartz from Hartford Hospital.

Local suicide prevention experts say suicide rates also tend to be higher on neighbor islands. "They might actually bring up specifically that they're thinking of suicide". "And these statistics don't begin to reveal the emotional, social and financial toll that suicide exacts on individuals, families and communities that are left devastated". Keep them safe, and possibly remove items that can harm them.

To access the peer-support line, call the Colorado crisis line and press * to connect with a peer specialist.