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Congress is still fighting to uphold net neutrality, and states continue to find ways to enact their own laws regarding the controversial regulations. But here are a few tactics that have been tried before that have drawn scrutiny under the old net neutrality rules.

The two events in Washington could lead to further consolidation of wireless, cable and content giants, public-interest advocates say.

"Now, on June 11, these unnecessary and harmful internet regulations will be repealed and the bipartisan, light-touch approach that served the online world well for almost 20 years will be restored", said Pai, per a CNN report. "Monopoly phone and cable companies will undoubtedly seek to maximize profits by favoring their own content over their competitors and creating fast lanes and slow lanes ultimately at the expense of consumers". But what is net neutrality, and what does its repeal mean for you?

'They don't want to add fuel to the fire, ' Martin said.

Under net neutrality, Internet providers had to treat all users equally.

The FCC did away with rules barring internet providers from blocking or slowing down access to online content. As part of this effort, more than 16.5 million pro-net neutrality emails have been sent to Congress.

Beginning Monday, however, the USA government no longer explicitly prohibits those practices.

The Federal Trade Commission will be able to investigate if internet providers engage in anticompetitive behavior.

Pai said "misinformation" was behind some of the visceral online reaction he faced.

Massachusetts Senators Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren, both Democrats, were among those who backed the measure to maintain net neutrality.

For now, we are in a wait and see mode to see what happens next. Broadband providers, he said in an interview, had been "unfairly and inappropriately the target of this angst or fear".

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"The FTC is empowered to take action against any company that engages in any anticompetitive conduct", Pai also told CBS This Morning. He says that net neutrality, passed in 2015, "depressed investment in building and expanding broadband networks and deterred innovation". This means that if a consumer doesn't like the service their local ISP offers, they have no other company to choose instead.

More than 20 states have filed a lawsuit to stop the net neutrality repeal. Pai and his colleagues will have to defend their decision before judges likely to be skeptical of the FCC's rationale for destroying open-internet protections and putting nothing else in their place. It's a major turning point for Internet policy and the Web as a whole, as broadband providers will enjoy additional freedom to seek new ways of making money in a rapidly changing market.

The net neutrality rules were approved by the FCC in 2015 amid an outpouring of online support.

At the FCC, Pai said the agency is "keeping all options on the table".

"Our framework will protect consumers and promote better, faster internet access and more competition".

The fees would be paid by the video services, such as Hulu, and could be passed along to consumers in higher subscription rates. Company attorneys also said during trial that AT&T has an incentive to ensure those channels are carried widely.

Why was net neutrality repealed?

The verdict on the merger could have broad significance.

But Republicans at the FCC maintain that existing law is sufficient to guard against misbehavior, even as telecom companies gobble one another up. Verizon won that case because the FCC didn't have to power to regulate the ISPs under the Title I classification that the ISPs were regulated under before.

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Tech companies such as Netflix, Spotify and Snap echoed similar concerns in regulatory filings.