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Cell phone video and body cam footage shows the moment Weinman was arrested after refusing to show an officer her ID.

The objective of the preliminary investigation was to determine whether the Professional Standards Unit ("PSU") of the Cape May County Prosecutor's Office would conduct the Internal Affairs investigation based on possible criminal charges against the arresting officer (s), or whether the Wildwood Police Department would conduct an Administrative Internal Affairs Investigation. "That is not right at all", said Weinman. Ms. Weinman and her attorney are entitled to due process and they have not yet received the information that they will be entitled to as part of the legal process. She said when the officers pushed her to the beach, she got sand in her mouth. The latter video showed an officer punching Weinman in the head.

The officer then asked Weinman several times for her last name, but she refused to divulge. She also screamed for someone named Matt, who is apparently her daughter's father.

The lawyer for Weinman, who appeared with her, says she was originally charged with misdemeanors, but when the video went viral, her charges were upgraded. "Kind of upset to hear the negative things people say about me. I'm not a bad person", she said. You know, they see one video, one situation, and they're like saying all this negative stuff about a person.

Here are your official petrol prices for June
A report by the competition watchdog has found Darwin motorists are spending 10 cents more than they should per litre of petrol. While the price of oil passed the $80 a barrel mark (£60) - the price which equates to 4% of GDP - two times during May.

She said her neck and back have been hurting since the incident, and she has headaches. They're the ones charged with protecting the public preserving the peace.

Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano Jr. said shortly after her arrest that Weinman was "the aggressor", and said his officers did nothing wrong.

The Wildwood Police Department is conducting an administrative investigation of the officers' conduct, Sutherland said. "If there are areas where we can make improvements, we're going to make improvements", the police chief added.

The appearance came a day after prosecutors said the officers involved in the arrest won't face any criminal charges. "It is based upon applying the proper laws, policies and directives that govern law enforcement".