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A body part belonging to the Florida woman who was attacked by an alligator on June 8 has been found. Get the details here!

A witness called the police and told them they saw an alligator attacking Matsuki and her dogs, and dragging Matsuki into the pond around 9:45 a.m. on Friday, WFLA reported.

The woman who was identified as Shizuka Matsuki was reportedly walking her dogs by the side of the pond.

Police arrived and found one of the dogs with a large, fresh wound, but the woman was missing.

Lauderdale. Davie Police Detective Viviana Gallinal says that witnesses had seen the woman with her dogs, and then later noticed that one of the dogs was near the water's edge, barking at the water. The witness told police the woman was gone the next time she looked but the dogs were still there, WSVN reported. "Human remains" were retrieved from the animal, according to a Friday report from the Miami Herald, who cited authorities. When the cut open the animal to investigate the contents of its stomach, they found an arm presumed to be of Plantation, Florida resident Shizuka Matsuki, who had disappeared recently.

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Friends of Matsuki said that she was a wonderful woman who loved to cook.

The gator eluded the traps and there hadn't been a sighting in the last month, said Jeff Polhman, the assistant director. Their pet Tony returned home, unharmed. Behm said she saw the alligator two days before Matsuki was attacked.

A 2-year-old Nebraska boy died at a Walt Disney's World hotel when an alligator snatched him, dragging him into a lagoon, CNN said. Local 10 News reporter Jeff Weinsier asked. The search will continue through Saturday morning, according to an FWC spokesman.

"He had warned her not to take the dogs over to that place because they had seen gators before and it isn't safe", he said. While they are common today, over-hunting nearly drove American alligators to extinction in the 1950's. There's not even big signs out here about alligators being posted into this water, and they're huge. Also, swim during daylight hours.