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California Secretary of State Alex Padilla filed a memo Tuesday saying that initiative #1814 had received more than 402,468 valid signatures - more than the 365,880 needed to qualify to get on the ballot - across the state's 58 counties.

Amid worries of a recession, Statham gained the support of then-Speaker Willie Brown to put a non-binding question on ballots across the state: Should California divide into three states?

Northern California - This would include 40 counties including the San Francisco Bay Area and the remaining counties north of Sacramento.

And Southern California, moving from Mono County along the state's eastern and southern borders to San Diego, and including Fresno and Kern counties.

Where California now has two seats in the 100-person U.S. Senate, the three states would have six seats in a 104-member chamber.

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Silicon Valley billionaire entrepreneur Tim Draper wants to split California into three with his Cal-3 campaign. Congress admitted four USA states that were split from an existing state: Kentucky, Maine, Vermont, and lastly West Virginia in 1863 during the Civil War. Were voters to approve his ballot measure, the effort would need the blessing of both houses of the California Legislature - lawmakers who, in a sense, would be asked to abandon their posts.

While proposals about separating California have been bandied about for years, Golden State voters will have their say on this particular initiative in November.

Despite the odds, the "Cal-3" initiative is moving forward, and it will likely to be subject to an interesting debate among scholars in the coming months. Dividing it into three smaller Californias, he claims, would lead to "better decision making", "a dramatically more effective education system", and "more reliable roads".

The plan to divide California. His first proposal, in 2014 suggested the state breaking into six, not three, but this was rejected. "Some of the legal and practical issues of splitting up California suggest there is a high likelihood that the process would take many years to complete". Each of the three new states would have to adopt a new constitution by convention or popular vote. A poll by Survey USA in April found that only 17 percent of voters approved of the split, while 72 percent were against.