It's unclear what the price tag of such a deal may be, though GitHub was most recently valued at $2 billion when it raised its last round of funding in 2015. Within three quarters of 2016, GitHub lost over $66 million.

Terms of the deal were not known on Sunday.

GitHub now has over 27 million software developers contributing to over 80 million repositories of code.

More than 24 million developers worldwide use the website to host code and collaborate on programming tasks.

Why does Microsoft want it?

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After much speculation, Microsoft has confirmed its acquisition of the social coding platform Github in an all-stock deal worth $7.5 billion. But Microsoft has also been skeptical of open-source in the past, as it threatened their business model, which relies on proprietary technology.

The new Microsoft under CEO Satya Nadella strikes us as a very different company from the Microsoft of ten years ago - especially given that the new Microsoft has embraced open source - but it's hard to forget its earlier history of trying to suppress Linux.

That's what makes Microsoft's rumored announcement so exciting. However, Microsoft is GitHub's largest contributor with over 1,000 Microsoft employees contributing code to the repositories frequently.

While devs and companies may be panicking because Microsoft has a track record of buying products that it doesn't necessarily need and then lets them die, GitHub actually fits in Microsoft's vision for the future of its business, where cloud and development tools have a primary role. Chief Business Officer Julio Avalos joined the company's board of directors and now serves as the day-to-day face and leadership of the company, Bloomberg noted. Their spread threatened Microsoft's control over what software got installed on the world's PCs.

Why is everyone so nervous about it?

Its also donated numerous software to the open-source community, including Visual Studio Code, PowerShell and the Microsoft Edge JavaScript Engine. More importantly for Microsoft, perhaps, the acquisition would give it the opportunity to integrate its cloud and development tools more closely with some of the most popular open-source projects.