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Asked if his shortening of the recess was aimed at pressuring Democrats to halt delaying tactics against Trump's nominees, McConnell showed no willingness of reviving the break if the pace of nominations quickens.

Whether they do anything with it remains an open question.

President Donald Trump is working to head off a confrontation with members of his own party on trade, personally reaching out to senators to express his opposition to legislation that would tie his hands on tariffs. Politically, the decision will also keep vulnerable Democrats on the Senate floor and off the trail at a time usually dedicated to campaigning back home. Republicans control the Senate 51-49. Democrats have calculated that health care is one of the critical policies they should run on in 2018. The president made a personal appeal to the lawmakers block the proposal from going forward, according to two people present at the meeting.

"Recognize that any legislative solution has to be signed by the president", said Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) and Sen.

The bipartisan legislation that Corker filed would require the president to submit to Congress any tariffs put in place under a process that invokes national security. Lawmakers would then have 60 days to approve the proposed actions.

Trump has imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from top USA trading partners, including Canada, Mexico and the European Union. Trump tweeted on Monday.

The House still plans to be out of session for the month of August. It's a strategy some Republicans still viewed this week as the best option. I think, you know, that's pretty petty. "It's something Corker acknowledged to reporters when he noted 'doing anything up here is like pushing a major boulder uphill'". "Part of this job is persuasion", said Cornyn.

"Sometimes", he said. "Not always, but sometimes". Corker wasted little time in jumping in to craft his proposal.

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The majority leader is pointing to what he calls "historic obstruction" by the Democrats.

"It was warmly received", Corker said of his presentation.

"It just doesn't pass the laugh test", Schumer said Tuesday. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has ruled out bringing up the measure as a stand-alone bill.

"On policy, there's a lot of support", he said. However, the Republicans believe that once the amendment has been added and accepted, it cannot be discussed until the vote three days later.

"For Republicans, this is who we are", said Sen. The Senate majority leader berated his Democratic colleagues for deliberately "slow-walking" Trump's nominees and forcing cloture votes to end the debate swiftly. Some GOP senators sent a letter to McConnell last month urging him to keep the chamber in session to vote on nominations and legislation, and Senate leaders have said the appetite to stay in town has grown in their ranks.

He said Democrats have made it more hard to confirm Trump's judicial nominees, as well.

Hurd said moderates have the votes already, but are "engaged in conversations to figure out.is there another path".

Still, the legislation is picking up support from one of the Republican Party's chief constituencies, the business community. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota. "I've explained it's exactly the same thing".