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The July cover reads "Welcome to America" with a photo illustration of President Donald Trump staring down the crying toddler from a photo earlier this week that went viral. "I took only a few photographs and was nearly overcome with emotion myself". It does not change the policy of charging all those apprehended crossing or attempting to cross the border with criminal charges, nor does it change any refugee status or procedure. The agents took names and when it came time for the mother to be searched, they asked her to put down her daughter: "At that moment, the young child broke into tears, and she started wailing", Moore said.

The result is that in the six weeks following the police announcement, almost 2000 minors were detained. The photo is taken from the little girl's eye level, while the adults stand over her, out of frame. Trump made this policy. Even the Pope weighed in, saying the separation of children was inhumane and immoral.

On an attempt to cap illegal migration, about 2,000 children were separated from their families at the southern border in the USA, according Department of Homeland Security figures obtained by AP.

DOWN: The President VOWS to STOP ‘Illegal Migrants’ From Entering US
Majority Whip John Cornyn said legislation benefiting families and law enforcement could stand alone or be attached to a spending bill.

The new Trump administration policy, which went into effect in May, sought to maximise criminal prosecutions of people caught trying to enter the United States illegally.

Amid all kinds of torture, unaccompanied immigrant children held at a detention centre in the USA state of Texas were also forcibly given a variety of psychotropic drugs, claimed a lawsuit, IANS reported.The lawsuit that was made public on Wednesday alleged that immigrant children at Shiloh Treatment Centre in Houston, a government-run facility that houses unaccompanied migrant kids, were held down and told they would not be able to see their parents unless they took the psychiatric drugs.

Still, Trump's order is likely to create a new set of problems involving length of detention of families, and may spark fresh court fights. Children can not follow their family members or guardians into custody, so USA guidelines mandate that those children be separated - often from their parents.