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Ranking Member of HASC StratForces Is Jim Cooper, Not Joe Courtney.

"We got it", Dunford replied.

The Commander in Chief also expressed his vision for reviving the U.S. space program.

While speaking to the National Space Council on Monday President Trump called on the Defense Department to take steps toward creating a "space force", a new branch of the United States military focused on space. "We must have American dominance in space", Mr Trump said before a meeting of his National Space Council. "The essence of the American character is to explore new horizons and to tame new frontiers". "We don't have numbers behind how much value, but are sure it will still be less than the large programs", such as the F-35 fighter jet, the Navy Virginia class submarines and Air Force B-21 Raider bomber, Ferguson said. John McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Argentina 1-1 Iceland: Five things we learned
The Argentine maestro is otherworldly in every facet of his game but somehow manages to be bang average at spot kicks. Romero who got injured before the World Cup had to be replaced with Cabellero who has barely played this season.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is planning a series of lunar missions beginning next year aimed at developing the capacity for a return to the moon, said Cheryl Warner, a spokeswoman for NASA's Human Exploration Directorate. They haven't been changed in many, many years. But Terry Virts, a veteran shuttle astronaut and space station crew member, argued against building a gateway similar in concept to NASA's current space station. Since then, space advocates, pilots, intelligence officials and civilian experts have debated whether space should have its own command or its own service or some combination of the two. The "Space Force" sounds like a campy Saturday morning cartoon, but it could have serious real-world ramifications.

CNN reports that (at least officially) the DoD is backing the idea, with one official saying "Space is a warfighting domain, so it is vital that our military maintains its dominance and competitive advantage in that domain. We will establish a long term presence, expand our economy and build our foundation to an eventual mission to mars, which is actually going to happen very quickly", he said.

The Defense Department says there are 20,000 pieces of space debris and 800 operational United States satellites circling Earth, a number that grows every year.

But it's unclear what, if anything, could stop the president and Congress if they decide to put his plan into action. And I doubt Trump's gut has considered "the synergy of integrated effects". Will this mean hiving off the large amount of classified space activity the Air Force now handles and coordinates with the NRO? "What you're doing is so important, remember - economically, militarily, scientifically, in every way, there's no place like space". The service now has responsibility for military space operations.