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"The intricacies of the top-two format explain why the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and its allies have had to dump several million dollars (so far) into three Republican-held Southern California seats, CA-39, CA-48, and CA-49, before the primary because the Democrats are anxious about not advancing candidates to the general election in one or more of those districts".

Across the state, hundreds of thousands of votes are still left to be counted.

But that didn't happen across California.

The fourth building block that strengthens the case for a red wave in November is the growing and undeniable strength of the economy.

Maloney, the first openly gay congressman in NY state, is a rising star in Democratic politics who was responsible for drafting the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's 2016 autopsy report and even entertained running the DCCC himself.

Long-term Republican incumbents Frank LoBiondo in the 2nd District and Rodney Frelinghyusen in the 11th both served 24 years each in the House before deciding to not to run for re-election, making those seats attainable for Democrats for the first time in years.

Some Democrats see it as me-first selfishness on Newsom's part, putting his own career above his party's national standing, even though he portrays himself as a leader of the "resistance" to Trump. To put it another way, Democrats in both presidential and state elections have had to rely in Iowa (as in other Upper Midwestern states) on winning a relatively high percentage of the white vote.

Newsom will now take on a little-known Republican businessman who has never held elected office this November. "I don't think Donald Trump drove our gasoline prices to $4 a gallon and instituted a gas tax that people hate".

DOJ and FBI Offer More Spygate Details to Bipartisan Congressional Leaders
Devin Nunes, the House Intelligence chairman who has demanded more documents as part of his investigation. Trump has claimed that a spy was planted in his campaign to help his Democratic opponent.

"Great night for Republicans!"tweeted Trump. Even Fake News CNN said the Trump impact was really big, much bigger than they ever thought possible", Trump wrote". Democrat state Sen. Kevin de Leon and Republican James Bradley are now running two and three. "I will say this, the likelihood there is a blue wave has significantly diminished". Mimi Walters and Steve Knight, who each topped 50 percent against multiple challengers in their Southern California districts. And New Jersey has four competitive House races going on this year.

Dianne Feinstein's re-election race - as the incumbent led the field with nearly 44% of the vote and state senator Kevin de Leon appears to have secured the second slot.

Their hope to take all seven seats remains alive after Tuesday's primary, with Democrats advancing to November's election in each of those districts.

There are no party primaries in California, with voters instead choosing among all candidates on one ballot, with the top two vote-getters advancing to November regardless of party.

Also in New Mexico, former state Democratic Party chairwoman Debra Haaland, a Laguna Pueblo tribal member, won her primary and could become the first Native American woman in Congress if she wins this fall. The complex strategy seems to have paid off. In February, Maloney was named to the National Republican Congressional Committee's target list.

Critics have spoken out against this top-two primary system, noting it isolates third-party candidates and makes it even more hard for lesser-known candidates to get elected. Neither party gained a clear advantage, and the fundamentals of this midterm election did not shift: The House of Representatives is up for grabs; Democrats will gain seats but are not guaranteed enough for a majority; and Republicans will vigorously defend their turf. Newsom, her fellow San Franciscan, already faces some carping for his camp's clever, if transparent, efforts to help Republican Cox come in second, perhaps sparking a higher Republican voter turnout in November.

But what's more troubling for Republicans is when the people who said they prefer a Democratic Congress are asked why.