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Risk for contracting the virus varies yearly based on precipitation, temperature and mosquito populations, among other factors.

West Nile virus has been reported in mosquito populations around MI and the Upper Peninsula since 2001, and the rest of the continental United States since 1999, according to CDC statistics. Humans that are bitten by an infected mosquito may show symptoms 3 to 15 days after being bitten. About 80 percent of people who are infected will not show any symptoms.

About 20 percent of people who become infected with West Nile will develop mild symptoms and about 1 in 150 people will develop serious symptoms, which may include fever, headache, body aches, swollen glands and skin rash, Frankovich said. If contracted, symptoms include mild flu-like symptoms, progresses into disorientation, seizures, coma, encephalitis (an inflammation of the brain) and in the most severe cases, individuals die.

Mosquitoes that tested positive for West Nile Virus were found in the Riverview, North Street and Dumville Lanes areas of Suffolk. Most people have very mild disease.

No human cases of EEE have ever been reported in the City of Suffolk.

Mosquito Control Operations are intensifying their efforts.

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You can protect yourself from being infected by following standard mosquito safety practices: wearing loose, light-coloured clothing, spending less time outdoors between dusk and dawn and using mosquito repellent. The disease impacts 5 to 10 humans a year.

Since its discovery in 1999, the virus has been found in over 300 species of birds around the US, according to the CDC.

Use insect repellants containing DEET according to the label instructions.

More information on WNV and EEE can be find here and here.

- Properly dispose of discarded tires that can collect water.

Clean wading and swimming pools.