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Ford repeatedly promised to bring forward a costed platform before the June 7 vote and faced increasing criticism for not doing so earlier in the campaign, with NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne deeming it disrespectful to voters.

The Ontario 2018 election is taking place on June 7.

In 2011, she managed to increase the NDP seat count from 10 to 17 by playing the smiling progressive who would set gasoline prices, ensure the government only bought Ontario-made products, freeze transit fares, keep the province's electrical power generating capacity in public hands and the key item: create a made-in-Ontario version of the Canada Pension Plan. "The reason is the strenght of the government's response and the kinds of things that Premier Wynne has done". "And I'm okay with that", she said.

The announcement came as a surprise to numerous party's local candidates, many of whom said they learned about her comments from news reports and social media.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is stumping for votes in the GTA, where she's scheduled an announcement and a campaign event in Toronto, before heading to Mississauga tonight where she'll attend an Iftar dinner.

"On the one end of the spectrum, you have Doug Ford - he's expressed his admiration for Donald Trump, despite the chaos, the uncertainty that the Trump administration has caused Ontario", Wynne said.

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"Ontario nurses feel we can no longer stay silent about the Progressive Conservative (PC) Party's lack of a full health care platform and your proposal to find "efficiencies" in government spending".

People who told us they planned to vote for the NDP that year divided about half and half between the Liberals and Conservatives as their second choice; Conservative voters gave the Liberals their second choice by a two-to-one margin over the NDP, and Liberal voters gave their second choice to the PCs by about the same margin. It's about the people of this province.

"It's not going to be a Liberal government", she told reporters in Toronto.

Tory leader Doug Ford had little to say about the announcement, noting only that the election is about change and people are fed up.

Omar Khan, a Liberal executive council member, said the party is now working on maintaining official party status. "They're hoping they can salvage (the party).it's about saying to people: don't abandon us".

At this point, polls show there is less fear of an NDP government than a Tory one and this might push some potential Liberal voters to throw their support behind the New Democrats, he said. And I will fight for them. "But you better believe having more Liberals at Queen's Park to fend off whatever extreme policies a Doug Ford or an NDP government would bring forward, that's important".