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The BBC reports that villagers closest to the shoreline have been evacuated, a move that may expand to the whole village of 169 persons if conditions change for the worse. "I will be the first person to get out of there".

"All the people in the danger area have been evacuated to a building that is further up in the village".

David Holland was one of a group of NYU scientists who released a video in June showing the dramatic moment when a four-mile-long iceberg broke away from a glacier in eastern Greenland. In June 2017, an natural disaster caused a tsunami near Nuugaatsiaq village that killed four people and swept away 11 homes. "So that's what happened to one of these bergs".

Authorities fear the village could be flooded if the iceberg breaks apart. "The village's power plant and fuel tank are near the coast", he said. "They're very unstable, and they can break up".

Last summer, four people died after waves swamped houses in northwestern Greenland after an natural disaster.

Credit PA
Credit PA

Anna Hogg, a glaciologist at the University of Leeds told NPR that, despite their island home and reliance on maritime industries, most Greenlanders can not swim.

Although the iceberg appears to be grounded, chunks of ice fell into the sea and created powerful waves on Tuesday, Canadian publication CBC News added.

One surprising thing about numerous seaside communities in Greenland, Hogg says, is that despite the marine-based economy, most people can't swim.

"Iceberg production in Greenland has been increasing in the past 100 years as climate change has become stronger", William Colgan, senior researcher at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, told AFP.

"When you're looking at sea-level rise, the place that matters is West Antarctica", he said, according to the National Geographic. Fortunately, last night the icebergs were still there, not moving.

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