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According to a report in tech news website CNET: "The EU frequently takes tech companies to task over issues such as taxes, antitrust issues and privacy, but Trump is interpreting this particular fine as a slight against the USA".

That Google is developing an advanced OS Fuchsia, journalists has always been known, however, only recently did they find out about the company's plans to replace Android after five years.

The President tweeted: "I told you so!"

On Tech Tent we ask what happens next - and in particular will Google start charging phone makers to use Android with an inevitable increase in costs to consumers? The European Union just slapped a Five Billion Dollar fine on one of our great companies, Google. Although an Android user can easily shop in a few alternative stores (though none is a match for the Google Play Store), an iPhone user cannot go outside Apple's App Store without "jailbreaking" the phone, a process that disables operating system updates.

In election-charged Pakistan, Mahathir makes an 'appearance'
According to sources, Abdul Ghafoor Hoat was inside the house when unidentified gunmen fired shots at his house. Later Sunday, the Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing that killed Gandapur.

This, however, seems unlikely given that Google's unmodified version of Android still powers approximately 80 percent of European devices. Apple doesn't do that; you can, for example, install Google's Chrome browser and Google Maps on an iPhone, but they won't launch by default when you click on a link in an email or another app.

According to European Union investigators, Google has required device makers to install its search engine and the Google Chrome browser on phones, and to set Google Search as the default, as a condition for licensing some Google apps.

As previously reported "FACTS", Google was fined in the European Union at 4.3 billion euros for the violation of the Antimonopoly legislation in the case associated with Android operating system. However, the ultimate plan will be to create a single OS that can run all of Google's own devices, such as Pixel phones and Google Home speakers, along with third-party devices that now use Android and Chrome OS.

"The FTC should end its decade of inaction and deference and confront the mounting evidence that Google's business practices stifled robust competition in a market that is critical to our economy and society", said Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal in a statement on Wednesday. Google needs to fund the development of Android somehow and if it can't put its own search and browser first then how is it to be funded? While initially it was believed to be an operating system that will replace Android, according to the latest report the project is now taking a broader approach.