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On the eve of the World Cup semi-final against Croatia, the Three Lions manager gave another masterclass in easy-going charm in a packed media conference at Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium - cheerily answering on a range of topics.

The phrase is the chorus from the song "Three Lions" which was written as the official theme song for the European Championships in 1996. From parodies of The Matrix, Shrek and The Office to rewrites of the royal wedding and Michael Jackson videos, see some of the most hilarious results below.

Despite Kane transferring his form from the Premier League into the World Cup, with six goals to his name in Russia, Croatia's centre-back believes that he has the ability to win their latest tussle. England were eventually knocked out of that tournament by Germany on a penalty shootout, Southgate the only man to fail with his spot kick.

The players have spoken about how they have been keeping track online of the scenes back home while Southgate believes winning in Russian Federation would be bigger than 1966, the only time England have won the World Cup, due to the global reach and worldwide connectivity of the game.

Eden Hazard reveals mood in the Belgium camp following World Cup loss
Last time they played world cup final in Berlin against Italy 2006, which is remembered for Zinedine Zidane's infamous headbutt. Over the course of the evening, Kevin de Bruyne moved from right infield to a wider position before settling deeper centrally.

England scored two goals against Sweden in the tense match, meaning they are now heading to the semi-finals of the tournament to play Croatia on Wednesday. Wednesday evening is a huge opportunity for our boys to do what many of us thought was impossible before the World Cup began and reach the Final. "The nation has come together and hopefully this is only the beginning of the celebrations!" We want this to be a family-friendly occasion and a chance for England fans young and old to show the positive spirit of football to the country and the world.

The former sports star said: "I asked him, 'so, is football coming home?'".

"I would just walk out of the room, it is an anthem and has followed the team for a long time but involved some hard moments as well. So for me it has a slightly different feel", Southgate told reporters on Tuesday, before adding: "But it's nice to hear people are listening to it again". That music is then dubbed over with, "Three Lions".