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Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War lie ahead.

The extinction-level event is apparently slated for Monday, with Reddit having signed off on the gag, according to Nerdist.

ThanosDidNothingWrong members didn't sit idly by, however, creating a script that could in fact ban half of the subreddit. The Russo Brothers have provided the subreddit with a video of Josh Brolin recreating his Infinity War snap.

As of this writing, there are over 530,000 subscribers with that number expected to climb even higher. On July 5 the subreddit was at 360,000 subscribers.

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Joe Russo took to the forum Sunday afternoon to post a video of Brolin laying down shirtless delivering the snap that would wipe out half the followers.

Topless, from the comfort of a bed, and with pristine looking hair, Brolin recorded a short message for the subreddit in which he stares directly into the camera and then executes his notorious finger snap-the same gut-wrenching finger snap that tore the Marvel Cinematic Universe asunder a few months ago. If that's not enough, the post has been gifted with Reddit Gold, which costs $1, 14 times.

As SyFy Wire points out, you can technically still join the subreddit and get randomly taken out tomorrow. Playing off of the popular fan theories for Avengers 4, the Soul World and Soul Stone are new subreddits where everybody who was banned can go and discuss getting turned to dust. Those who make it through the slaughter like in the film, will remain in the subreddit. Now, it seems Reddit users have found inspiration in his thinking, and are on the cusp of their own purge. His motivation? To halve the serious strain overpopulation is exacting on the fictional universe, and bring balance to all things - as things should be.

Have mercy on me, Josh Brolin.