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Options reportedly include adding HDR to "Ultra" and removing it from "Premium", or potentially dropping "Premium" to two simultaneous 4K streams whilst bumping "Ultra" to four.

Netflix wants to go even more premium than it is currently now. Now, the next major move from Netflix would be to launch a brand new option of a higher price, without bringing in any change of price on their existing plans.

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The only current difference between Premium and Ultra is that the latter includes HDR content. Based on current pricing parity between Europe and the United States, that would likely mean the same prices in the USA if the plan were to be introduced. Meanwhile, the costly new ultra tier looks like it will offer streaming on four devices in 4K as well as offering HDR. Netflix seems to be testing two different prices based on the user's browser: €16.99 and €19.99 per month. A website named, CordCutting.com found out the changes are applied for those who are staying in European countries as well, which includes Germany and also made a note regarding the different prices along with the various features that are listed. One version of "Ultra" offers four 4K streams and cuts the "Premium" plan to two streams. The company is speculated to be mulling a new plan known as Ultra.

The company said in a statement given to USA TODAY: "We continuously test new things at Netflix and these tests typically vary in length of time. Not everyone will see this test and we may not ever offer the specific price points or features included in this test". With higher resolution content, the Ultra plan is likely to reduce the benefits of Premium plan users by slashing their number of supported devices.