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Jon Kyl has been tapped to "sherpa" President Donald Trump's eventual Supreme Court nominee through the confirmation process, the White House said Monday.

And I've been here with Supreme Court justices from the time of President Ford straight on to President Trump.

Schumer also laid into Trump's judicial adviser, Leonard Leo of The Federalist Society, who helped compile a list of 25 possible candidates for the SCOTUS justice. Kavanaugh also taught at Harvard Law School, having been hired by current Supreme Court Justice, and Barack Obama nominee, Elena Kagan. "But I can immediately say without hesitation that I would support this nomination and I hope the Senate moves quickly to confirm the President's choice".

Trump said on Sunday he not made up his mind yet but expected to do so by noon on Monday, ahead of his announcement at 9 p.m.

If confirmed, Trump's choice would solidify the high court's conservative majority and continue the president's push to shift the federal bench to the right.

More than the other potential nominees, Hardiman has a strong record in favor of gun rights.

During the announcement Monday evening, Trump called Kavanaugh a "judge's judge" and a "thought leader among his peers". But his supporters have cited his experience and wide range of legal opinions.

President Trump has decided on his nominee for the Supreme Court, a source with knowledge of the search told Fox News, though the name of the pick still is not known. Trump is expected to pressure recalcitrant Senate Democrats into supporting his nominee by holding rallies in their states.

Republicans hold 51 seats in the Senate, though Arizona Sen.

Former Ohio State athletic director unaware of abuse claims
Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), amid allegations of sexual abuse within the Ohio State University wrestling program while Jordan was a coach. He has been mentioned as a possible replacement for Speaker Paul Ryan and is a close ally of President Donald Trump.

Democrats who plan to oppose Trump's nominee are focusing on two Republican moderates, Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, hoping to turn them against Trump's selection.

Prior to being tapped by Trump, some conservatives questioned Kavanaugh's bona fides, and he's controversial with Democrats because of his role in the Starr investigation of Clinton. At the top of that list is abortion.

Kavanaugh ruled in one case involving abortion a year ago and is considered a likely opponent of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 ruling that legalized abortion nationwide.

Savoring the suspense, Trump has sought to keep people guessing in the final hours, hoping to replicate his successful announcement of Justice Neil Gorsuch previous year.

Trump's short list continued to vacillate in the hours leading up to tonight's prime-time finale, where his choice to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy will be revealed. In addition to Kavanaugh, in recent days he expressed renewed interest in Hardiman, the runner-up when Trump nominated Gorsuch, said two people with knowledge of his thinking.

Trump spoke to reporters Sunday afternoon before returning to Washington from a weekend at his private golf club in New Jersey, where he deliberated his decision amid furious lobbying and frenzied speculation. The 53-year-old was born in MA, but started his career in Pittsburgh.

Barrett - a longtime Notre Dame Law School professor who became a federal judge last fall - excited social conservatives since she was questioned about her Roman Catholic faith in her nomination hearings previous year, but her brief time on the bench has raised questions about her experience.

"It should go through; the Republicans are in control of the Senate, and we all know how important this is", Hatch said.

Kavanaugh's nomination was met overall with cheers from conservatives but it wasn't unanimous. Many preferred one of the candidates who had worked outside Washington, despite their less sterling resumes. As an appeals court judge, Kethledge authored several notable opinions, including one that upheld the death penalty against a suspect who murdered a woman on federal land and a case in OH that questioned whether private citizens can sue the state for failing to enforce pollution controls.