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He made swamp creatures blush with his shameless excesses.

Despite his conservative background and his likely continuance of Trump's EPA agenda, Wheeler has previously criticized the President. "Shame", Democratic US Representative Gerry Connolly said. Trump publicly defended Pruitt and praised his job performance as recently as early June. "The Trump EPA continues to undo critical health protections that safeguard our communities from risky chemicals and ensure Americans have safe drinking water and clean air". Wheeler is a former aide to Republican Senator James Inhofe, an outspoken climate change skeptic, and a former coal industry lobbyist.

"The great majority goes to effective fact-based research of quality journalists who exposed the depth of Scott Pruitt's corruption", she said.

In recent weeks, an exodus of trusted staffers left Pruitt increasingly isolated, and some once-loyal Republican lawmakers wearied of defending him.

However, Pruitt has been besieged by scandal for months.

He accompanied Murray CEO Bob Murray during a series of closed-door meetings to lobby the Trump administration to kill environmental regulations affecting coal mines. Emails obtained by the Sierra Club environmental group showed Pruitt had an aide contact the chief executive of a fast-food chain about his wife becoming a franchise owner. She later posted video of the episode on Twitter.

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During congressional testimony in April, Mr Pruitt was unapologetic, often blaming his staff for any agency missteps.

On Tuesday, Mr. Pruittwas confronted at a D.C. restaurant by schoolteacher Kristin Mink, who listed several critiques of his work at the EPA and then asked him to resign.

In the end, it wasn't "religious sterility", that brought him down.

As the former Attorney General of Oklahoma, Pruitt worked hard to burnish his anti-gay creds, opposing marriage equality and the rights of transgender students.

Despite Pruitt's short tenure, he was able to have a big impact on environmental policy, rolling back protections from former President Barack Obama's tenure. Trump announced at the beginning of June previous year that he would withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accords.

Trump's inner circle this year became frustrated by the torrent of news reports about Pruitt's controversies. Bloomberg has a full rundown of the public inquiries, at least a dozen of which were still pending when Pruitt resigned. Pruitt has increasingly come under fire for multiple allegations of abusing his power - from spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on first-class travel to a sweetheart real estate deal tied to a lobbyist with EPA business and attempting to secure a private business deal for his wife - among numerous allegations.