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Gorgeous California Instagram model, Katarina Zarutskie, was snapping photos in the ocean when a shark swam up and BIT her arm!

She told BBC News, "From my previous knowledge from surfing and scuba diving, I know nurse sharks are usually very safe", adding that she has "seen countless photos of people with them on Instagram".

The world is more accessible than even thanks to Instagrammers like Katarina Elle Zarutskie. who shared a series of snaps from her trip to The Exumas, off The Bahamas. "What happened was an accident, and I don't want to throw the shark under the bus", Zarutske said.

But as she posed for a photo, a shark latched onto Zarutskie's arm. "Next thing I knew I was underwater and I felt this". She was bitten on the wrist, and in true model fashion, she took pictures of the wound.

The outlet said her boyfriend's father was taking a photo of her as she floated near the sharks when one of them attacked.

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She said she managed to remain calm, holding her wrist above water and using her other hand to stop the flow of blood.

There is actually a sign at the marina telling people that the sharks do occasionally bite, and that people swim at their own risk, but Katarina claims that she didn't see it. She said she doesn't regret it and would do it again.

The 19-year-old college student was with her boyfriend and his family in the Bahamas at the time, when she realised she could get some great #content to show her then 13,000 followers.

"I'm not afraid of the ocean and if anything I respect and love it more", she says.

She's since had to make her Instagram private, after people accused her of blaming the sharks and causing the situation herself, but she insists that's not the case. She got out of the water with just the wrist injury. "They are wild animals and it's an uncontrollable situation", Zarutskie told Buzzfeed.